The iPhone is the best smart phone there is today. It has sold millions of units all over the world and cell phone stores everywhere are enjoying good sales for iPhone units. If you have an iPhone you are ‘cool’, you are ‘in’ and you are definitely hip! The iPhone is slick and very trendy. The classic designs of all the iPhone from the very first iPhone to the latest model, the iPhone 4s, is very cool looking, easy to carry and easy to use. The iPhone also packs dozens of features including an 8 megapixel camera for iPhone 4s that can capture pictures and record videos. The Apple iPhone 4s also has features not found in other phone brands. One of the most popular features exclusive to iPhone 4s users is SIRI. There are also thousands of other apps that can only be used on an iPhone or iPad unit. Jail breaking the iPhone is one of the best ways to get free apps, games and themes for all iPhone models. Jail breaking is also the first step to unlock your iPhone so that you can use other service providers to make cheaper calls and SMS. If you are worried about legality, worry not because jail breaking and Unlocking your iPhone is legal in the US. It does not break any law or property rights and is supported by the US Copyright Office. A lot of consumers are now waiting for news and updates for the next generation iPhone which many speculates will be called iPhone 5. Once this new iPhone model hit the market, our cell phone store Telephone Phones will definitely carry the jailbreak software for this unit. So once you buy it you can unlock your iPhone 5 immediately. To get the latest iPhone Jailbreak software for iPhone, iPad including new and old models, you can go to Telephone Phones. We offer the best and latest iPhone Jailbreak system that is easy to download and use. Unlocking your iPhone will only take minutes and once you free your iPhone, a whole new world of free apps awaits you. You can also check out our Cell Phone Store for affordable iPhone units and the latest models of smart phones available in the market.

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